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▓ breakfast and set out on a tour of the warehou▓ses on the wharves.But at every spot ●where twenty longshoremen were neede▓d fo


r the unloading of a mai●l steamer, there were hundreds surging around▓ the timekeeper,


clamoring for e▓mployment.I reached the front ranks of s▓everal of these groups by fo●otball tactics, only to be infor▓med, when I shouted my name to the o●fficial on the top of a cask or b●ale, that he was hiring only those st▓evedores whom he knew personally, and could▓ not find pl

aces for a fourt●h of them.As darkness came on, I gave


over th●e useless tramping up and down the roadstea●d, wolfed a “stevedore’s hand-out?/p>

?in ▓one of the open-a

ir booths of the P●lace de la Joliette, and utt●erly penniless at last, turned awa●y to the Asile

de Nuit, as the only

re●fuge left me. The night asylum ▓of Marseilles, situated beyo▓nd the Avenue de la Républiqu

e, just off the● silent wha

rves, was no such o▓ne-room hovel as housed the wanderer ▓in Cannes or Cuers.It covered wh▓at wou


ld have been a block i●n an American city and rose to a height of th●ree stories; a plai

n, cold st▓ructure abov

e the door of which the legend,  癜Asile de Nuit,” cut in stone, seemed to sugges●t how permanent

and 84irremediable is

▓poverty.Before the entrance were at le▓ast a hundred men of every ag▓e, from mere boys to wrink

led greybeards, chatte●ring

in groups, leaning agai▓nst the building, seated on th●e sidewalk with their feet in the ▓gutter

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